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We are a Caring Community ... Thanks to You

The Ogemaw County United Way was born of necessity in 1986. It was created by men and women of good will in our community to strengthen our community's ability to solve health and human care problems in an organized fashion.

Recognizing that the social environment is in continuous motion, the Ogemaw County United Way is committed to bringing about a rational, integrated system based on balancing changing human service needs and all the community resources available to meet them.

It is and article of the United Way faith that the creation and funding of agencies are not ends in themselves, but a means of serving and improving that quality of community life. The Ogemaw County United Way must seek to assure the provision of services citizens most need in each generation. It has legitimate and overriding concern for the people, the problems they face, and all the means of resolving them.

How the Ogemaw County United Way works for you ...

Any one of us might need help from one of the United Way supported agencies.
In Ogemaw County, Untied Way agencies provide more than 100 programs to help community problems related to health, housing, family, youth and senior citizens.

Look at all the special services United Way agencies offer Ogemaw County.
There are programs for the needy, for children, for the elderly, for the handicapped, for the abused, and many others available through referral and health care services.

The Ogemaw County United Way has responded to the communityís emerging needs.
The Ogemaw County United ways supports programs for substance abuse and alcoholism, parenting, medical research, and the terminally ill.

The Ogemaw County United Way is a volunteer effort.
The Ogemaw County United Way is ran by local volunteers to raise and disperse funds to local agencies that provide services to community members in Ogemaw County under the national Untied Way mission and supervision.


Our mission is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another

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